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Interior Storm Windows

Exterior and interior storm windows can both offer a number of benefits. Interior storm windows can be a great addition for individuals that live in an apartment or apartment-like building such as a duplex. They do not require external installation to enjoy the benefits they provide nor do they need to be installed on every window to not be an eyesore. Below you will find a list of pros and cons associated with the installation and use of interior storm windows. They can make for a great addition to any living space for increased efficiency as well as lowering heating and cooling bills.

Benefits of Interior Storm Windows

Interior storm windows are fairly easy to install in about any window. Since they install from the inside, it is much easier to take care of multiple floor installations than working on a ladder with external storm windows.

One can find cleaning interior storm windows to be much easier than external. This is simply because they are not exposed to as much of the weather conditions than an external normally would be.

The interior storm window is a great solution for someone that wants more efficiency from their windows but can't necessarily change their windows out or install externals. This could include historical properties with single pane windows. One does not want to compromise the external look of a historic home with different windows.

Most models of internal storm windows are almost invisible unless you really look for them. This is still true from the inside as well. They are simply designed to perform well and not be contrary to look at. If looks are a consideration for the storm windows then internals may be an appropriate choice.

One can find interior storm windows with a variety of options for the glazing. Coatings can be used to mitigate the harmful effects of UV radiation, provide additional efficiency to the window, or harden the window to a bit more abuse.

Some interior models feature a magnetic mounting where the storm window sticks to an installed metal frame around the window stop. This makes it extremely easy to mount the window and provides almost twice the efficiency than a standard seal does in prevent air flow transfer.

Interior storm windows are generally easier to clean than their external counterparts. This is because they are mounted in an easy place to get to as opposed to needing to be outside to clean an external.

Negatives of Interior Storm Windows

Due to the storm windows being mounted inside, they will not provide any extra protection to your outside window from the elements. Many external windows are made with the extra toughness in mind to withstand and deflect the harshness of the seasons from the actual house windows. They also can come in shatterproof varieties for locations that are prone to tornados, hurricanes, or other adverse weather conditions.

Incorrect installation can mean a drastic loss in efficiency of the window as well as difficulty operating the window sashes. If you decide to undertake their installation as a DIY project, ensure you are well informed for the job ahead. Otherwise, one will have to look forward to the window underperforming or not working at all. This can cost far more money down the line to get properly repaired in addition to what one loses on heating and cooling bills.

An internal storm window can be exposed to some minor wear and tear from the inside if the house is an active one. Children running around or animals playing could see contact with the windows. This should be considered a very minor factor in considering your storm windows since it isn't likely to come up much, if ever.