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Magnetic Storm Windows

The installation of magnetic storm windows is a bit different than your typical storm window installation. This style of storm window tends to have a metal frame installed around the window stop. The magnetic storm window is then put into place on the metal frame which is held in by a strong magnetic field, creating a very strong seal. This particular style of storm window does carry some more specific positives and negatives that are associated with it.

Ultimately, one's choice in storm windows is going to largely come down to what they need to accomplish with the windows. Each type has particular positives and negatives attributed to it that make it good for some and not good for others. The use of magnetic storm windows is much the same in that regard. They offer great benefits if they fit the niche of your needs for your home. If not, then another style may be more suitable.

Benefits of Magnetic Storm Windows

  • Magnetic storm windows can be a much less expensive option to replacement windows and even other types of storm windows. In some cases this difference can be quite drastic.
  • Their lightweight nature makes it easy for a homeowner to take down or put up magnetic storm windows. They are extremely durable yet easy to manage.
  • Magnetic seals have a much greater efficiency than typical sealing methods such as caulking. This style of window will cut off almost any draft and drastically increase the overall efficiency of the base window. This goes for external and internal transitions of heat and cold.
  • This type of window is very easy to install and uninstall. It simply sets into place and is held by a magnetic seal. It performs much the same way that a refrigerator door does.
  • A magnetic storm window pretty much eliminates any problems with condensation or ice build up on the windows during winter months. This is due to the efficiency of the seal.
  • Due to the price of magnetic storm windows, one is typically able to cover their investment through savings on bills and efficiency much faster than other models. Turn around is nearly immediate and one will have benefited from their investment typically within a few years.
  • This style of window features a much higher degree of sound control, both entering and exiting the home. These may be an excellent solution for those that live in very active neighborhoods or near busy motorways. They also work to help protect privacy by severely cutting down on the amount of sound that passes back out of them.
  • Magnetic storm windows are often provided with a more efficient coating to protect the window, seal, and interior of the home from ultra-violet ray damage. This may be greater protection than a typical storm window would offer unless one purchases extra coatings.

Cons of Magnetic Storm Windows

  • Magnetic storm windows are a mounted feature for permanent windows. They are not able to double as permanent replacement windows because of their method of sealing.
  • This style of seal is typically only used for internal applications rather than any exterior. This is due to their manufacturing style and the wear and tear they are exposed to outside. Continuous external exposure to the elements can degrade a magnetic seal.
  • The magnetic seal can weaken with time. This can permit some airflow and reduce the efficiency of the windows. This is not usually a major factor with this type of storm window. It is necessary to note it but it should not be viewed as a disqualifying factor due to it being several years ahead, and even then; it won't be a major issue.