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Storm Window Pros and Cons

This section will help to explore storm window pros and cons that should be considered when choosing between the different types. Each style of storm window has its own strengths and weaknesses. While one style might be great for you, another may not accomplish what you need out of your storm window. This is particularly true if you have any other major considerations to make about your storm windows.

First, let's discuss general storm window pros and cons before getting into specifics. A storm window is an excellent addition to one's windows as they can increase the efficiency of them greatly. It should come as no surprise that windows are a major source of energy transfer between outdoors and indoors in the form of heating and cooling. Adding a storm window can create a buffer zone of air between the glass panes that will act as an insulator. In addition, installing storm windows will help to reduce heating and cooling bills while improving the value of the property.

On the negative, most styles require some additional forms of maintenance. Certain styles can be a bit more difficult to install and maintain than their counterparts.

Seasonal Kit Storm Window Pros and Cons

Many hardware stores offer a seasonal kit to act as a storm window cover for a window. While not actually a window, these bear some mention as they can be a consideration depending on one's available money. These kits are typically applied internally and cover the entirety of the window with a film of plastic. The plastic serves to trap air in the space and create an insulator that blocks the transfer of heat and cold through the window.


  • A storm window kit is an inexpensive solution to a problem that needs addressed right now.
  • It will perform in about the same capacity as an internal storm window if installed correctly.


  • This is a temporary installation and is not designed to last more than a season or two.
  • If there is a lot of activity in the house, such as children or pets; the plastic and seal can become compromised by coming into contact with it too often.

Internal Storm Window Pros and Cons

An internal storm window can provide an excellent solution to individuals that do not want the hassle of external storm windows or to install Triple Track style storm windows. This particular style is excellent for home owners that have a historic home. They can easily be mounted on the inside of older windows and maintain the outside presentation of the home. This style of installation is usually invisible unless a person really looks for it.


  • Normally difficult to see unless one looks specifically for them inside.
  • Can provide a variety of functions such as; UV filtering, acoustic dampening, or the standard features of a storm window.


  • Can require a bit of maintenance and removal for natural air passage.
  • Can be a bit clumsy to install, though many companies feature friendlier installation designs now.

External Storm Window Pros and Cons

An external storm window is installed on the outside of already existing windows. These windows are typically produced with toughness in mind to stand up to adverse weather conditions for an extended period. Installation of external windows creates a wide buffer gap for air to be trapped in and can provide great gains in efficiency on the window.


  • Built to be durable to withstand weathering.
  • Offers greater protection to the built in windows of the building.


  • External installation is more difficult than the other methods.
  • Will need to be dismounted in better seasons to allow natural air flow through the windows.
  • Suggested regular (seasonal) inspection for damage and maintenance to maintain the integrity of the storm window.
  • Requires weep holes to allow passing of condensation to the exterior. Need regularly cleaned to maintain functionality.

Triple Track Storm Window Pros and Cons

Triple Track storm windows offer a great deal of versatility and value for their type. These windows are manufactured to have two sheets of storm window and a screen built into the window itself. This allows the user to simply slide up the storm window and slide down the screen when they want to let air pass. This style of window removes the need for regular installation and removal of storm windows through the course of the year. These do require some minor maintenance to maintain good working order.


  • Ease of use. Can simply slide the screen and storm window up and down in the unit.
  • Minor maintenance requirements compared to other seasonal windows.
  • No need for seasonal installation and removal to permit natural air flow.
  • Works for external and internal walls.


  • Can be installed as a DIY project but it is better to hire a professional, which can be expensive. It is important for the seals to be tight and the windows to be level in place so the sashes have smooth operation. A professional is better equipped to ensure this happens.

Magnetic Storm Window Pros and Cons

A magnetic storm window can offer an excellent value for a home owner with its ease of installation. This interior style storm window mounts against the window and uses a magnetic seal around the edge to prevent air flow. This effectively seals the air pocket between the outer window and the plexiglass storm window for greater efficiency than one would expect with other models of storm window.


  • The magnetic seal of these windows has almost two times better efficiency in preventing air leakage from the pocket.
  • Easy to install and remove in warmer seasons for natural air flow.


  • This solution is more expensive in general than the others.