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Storm Window Prices and Costs

The following section is going to help you get an understanding of how storm window prices reflect on the actual product. In addition, some features that typically increase storm window cost will be pointed out and looked at to help you make a better choice on your storm windows.

Storm window prices do oftentimes reflect the overall quality of the storm window. Light installation kits that are seasonal may run no greater than $50.00 to $60.00 for the largest sized windows. These kits typically consist of films that a homeowner installs over the inside of the window to help improve its efficiency. They usually do not last for more than a season or two. If storm window prices are a major issue and you have an immediate need, they may prove suitable.

The middle range of storm window prices (with installation) typically floats in the $150.00-$200.00 area per window. Adding customized features will increase the storm window prices respectively. Some customization features may be necessary to make the most of your storm windows depending on the area in which you live.

Highly sophisticated or highly customized storm windows can easily be seen at a price greater than $200.00 per window. These types of windows can offer a large degree of flexibility and customization if you live in a particular climate or have particular needs for your windows.

Your main goal when trying to gauge if storm window prices are right for you is to know what you want and what you need. If you do not need further customization it will help keep prices down in an lower range than those of high customization.

Features That Come Standard

The following is a short list of some of the primary features that will come with the window. This list should not be considered exhaustive and may differ by model and manufacturer. These can be considered fairly normal additions to the basic storm window.

Most storm windows come with quality weather-stripping and a seal. If the windows have poor weather-stripping the windows are not likely to seal very well to external forces. Over time they will likely develop gaps and allow the transfer of air. This will create drafts in your home and cause your windows to lose efficiency.

Many storm windows will feature a type of coating that is manufactured over the glazing. This coating can have any variety of effects and will differ based on customization desires. The basic coating will normally offer a limited amount of ultra-violet ray protection from exterior elements.

External storm windows will generally feature more aspects that extend their lifespan. This may include shatter resistant glass, additional coatings, and heavier materials.

Storm windows will usually be available in different styles and colors depending on the manufacturer. These basic styles are normally part of a basic catalog and do not break into additional cost unless deeper customization is in order.

Features That Increase Storm Window Prices

Additional features can usually be had for customized windows that will adjust the storm window prices accordingly. These tend to reflect more on what is not actually needed but as extra measures depending on your situation and desire.

Sun blocking coating can serve to further reduce the amount of ultraviolet or sunlight let through the window. Most windows have a basic application figured into the base storm window cost to provide a moderate benefit. If you live in an extremely sunny or hot area, custom applications may help protect your furniture, carpet, and inhabitants further.

Low-E glass usually comes in different varieties the same way that UV and sun blocking coatings do. In some areas, it may just not be as useful for others. Storm windows produced for Florida really do not need to meet the same goals as a storm window produced for Maine. This solution will typically add a bit to your final storm window cost but can equate into great savings on heating and cooling costs in the future.

Some locations are prone to extremely heavy winds often either through storms or normal weather patterns. The industry responded by creating heavily wind-resistant storm windows to better protect your home. These types of windows typically have pins built around the edge that prevents the window from bowing beneath heavy winds.

There are many different factors that can figure in to the final storm window cost for the units you choose. They will largely depend on the manufacturer and the base benefits of their windows. It is important to note that if you get customized, made-to-orders; some companies do not permit returns unless the unit is defective. Be sure to look at return policies while screening your storm window cost.