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Exterior Storm Windows

The choice in the type of storm windows to install usually falls between exterior and interior. This does not include things like storm weather kits which are temporary and typically do not last longer than a season or two. The differences between an exterior and an interior storm window are mostly about function and display. The following text will explore the pros and cons of exterior storm windows as well as some factors you should consider when choosing between the two.

Benefits of Exterior Storm Windows

Exterior storm windows are manufactured to be tougher than an interior counterpart so that they can stand up to adverse weather conditions for a longer period of time. Regular maintenance and inspections before harsh seasons will allow you to find problems quickly. This can extend the life of your exterior storm windows by decades.

The storm window can protect the wall-mounted window from exterior forces and prevent damage. They are simply mounted over the already existing window on the window stop to cover the glass. This lends their strength to preventing damage to the glass beneath. Many storm windows are produced with shatter proof plexiglass or glass as a safety feature for those that live in hurricane or tornado prone areas.

A set of exterior storm windows can help give higher efficiency to old windows. Installing the storm window over the house window creates a buffer zone of air that acts as an insulator. Newer model house windows tend to have multiple panes with an inert gas filling to act as an insulator. One can get this same benefit with older, single pane windows with the addition of exterior storm windows.

Storm windows provide for an excellent savings to energy and bills. Their installation prevent drafts from the windows as well as regulating the temperature within the building better.

Many options exist for your exterior storm windows to provide benefits past these. They include things like a UV-coating that will help filter out more harmful rays and prevent fading of rugs, furniture, or artwork that might be in the surrounding area. One will want to inquire with the manufacturer about possible options.

Cons of Exterior Storm Windows

Exterior storm windows can be difficult to install, particularly if you have multiple stories to contend with. Their installation can be a DIY project but one would want to be comfortable with it. If the storm window is crooked the sashes will not move smoothly in the frame. If the storm window is not sealed properly then it will lack the efficiency as though it had a proper installation. Second story installations will require ladder work since the windows are exterior. It may be more prudent to hire a professional for the installation which will cost additional money to the total cost.

The cost of the exterior storm windows can be as much as it would cost for replacement windows. One should look at the costs of both before settling on a final product.

This style of window requires a bit more maintenance than their counterpart. They need to be cleaned from both the outside and the inside. This can take up more time and effort than one may want to spend on doing so.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and exterior storm windows can be very displeasing to the eye from their general manufacture and installation. There are a variety of styles available to choose from though. It may take some digging to find a style that you feel looks agreeable with your home.

Exterior storm windows do create a better efficiency level for your home windows, but they will not provide as great of a benefit as replacement of the originals would be. If the total efficiency of the window is a major consideration, one will want to explore these values carefully.